Chelan Fruit Packing Facility Project

Comprehensive HVAC, Mechanical, and Building Controls scopes of work, including custom design/build air quality systems and food-grade compliance measures

Riverfront Rock Gym

Complete Mechanical and Electrical scopes of work, including building controls, engineering, and custom airflow solutions.

McGlinn's Public House Upgrades

Complete kitchen systems & mechanical systems upgrades, refrigeration replacements, electrical upgrades, and - even - a new roof!

Index School District

Comprehensive Mechanical and Electrical Renovations Project

Smokeblossom Catering Renovation

Relocate & renovation of kitchen, mechanical, and electrical systems

Okanogan County Courthouse and Jail Complex

Complete energy upgrade project on this registered historical building complex, including full mechanical, electrical, and building controls systems replacements. Conversion from steam boiler and pneumatics controls to geo thermal loop systems couple with closed loop heat pump systems, along with complete integrated energy management system.

Awaken Wenatchee Church

Comprehensive Facility Renovation, including: full mechanical & electrical engineering and installation scopes of work, site development, structural considerations, major interior renovation and alteration of all interior spaces in order to repurpose the facility as a place of gathering for worship.

Wenatchee Business Journal / Salcido Interview

The Wenatchee Business Journal connected this week with owner Malachi Salcido to talk business. In the following article, Gary Bégin interviews Malachi Salcido on his company's history and growth plans, philosophy and core values, ownership and direction of the company. 

Forty-two-year-old Malachi Salcido has been working and trying to improve himself since he was in high school here in Wenatchee. One day while still attending high school and working part time as a maintenance worker at the school, the department supervisor and he were on the roof together. The supervisor told him to look around at the roof tops of Wenatchee and tell him what he saw. Salcido realized then that every roof had heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration units on it. His future was clear, at least for the moment.
— A conversation with Salcido Connection CEO Malachi Salcido • Wenatchee Business Journal

Read the full article to find out:

  • How the company got to where it is today
  • What Malachi Salcido would do if he were president of the USA
  • Why bitcoin, block chain and data mining technologies matter (and what they are)

Salcido Interviewed in Wenatchee Business Journal

Having grown from a one-man show to what is now a multi-million-dollar business operating in many competencies, The Salcido Connection is vertically-integrated and continues to expand its competencies. 

Nevonne McDaniels of Wenatchee Business Journal talks with Malachi Salcido about recent and future expansion in this well-written article


Building Systems

Site Development




Ozonation Systems

Data Centers